Sky Blue Aquatics Online Registration Form

Please complete the online regstration form on or before your first swim lesson

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 PAYMENTS: A monthly statement will be sent via email on or before the 5th of each month. As we are now billing in arrears, the balance is du upon receipt. We do accept cash and checks, but prefer online bank transfers through Butterfield Bank. Sky Blue Aquatics is listed in the “payee” drop down menu as, “Sky Blue Limited T/A Sky Blue Aquatics”. Please email if you make a transfer so we can confirm and register the payment. Please make checks payable to “Sky Blue Aquatics”. You may give cash or checks to your instructor at the lesson.  All payments that are more than 30 days late(past the statement date) will incur a CI$25.00 late fee every 30 days until the invoice is settled. 

CANCELLATIONS:  24 hour notice is required for all cancellations. Cancellations of 24 hours or more will not be charged. Due to the busy schedules of our instructors, “make-up lessons” at a different time cannot not be offered. Should you or your child become ill within the 24 hour notice period, please contact your instructor ASAP so they can reschedule their day. Since the instructors are mobile, if a lesson is accidentally forgotten, the instructor will wait 15 minutes at your location and try to contact you, then proceed to their next lesson.  This will result in full charge. Lastly, it is much appreciated when advanced notice is provided of family holidays so your instructor can try to fill the time-slot while you’re away. 

WEATHER: Most classes will be held rain or shine depending on the age and ability of the swimmer. All lessons will be cancelled due to unsafe conditions such as heavy rain or winds, thunder and lightning and therefore you will not be charged. All instructors continuously monitor all pool temperatures. If the water temperature drops below 24.5ºC (76ºF), the lesson will be cancelled. Should we feel the conditions are not suitable for any other reason the instructor will contact you to cancel the class. There is no charge for any lesson cancelled by the instructor. Short notice of cancellation is unavoidable sometimes due to the peculiarity of the island’s weather. Should severe weather occur during a lesson, there is no charge if the lesson is less than 15 minutes in duration.  If you are unsure of whether your lesson will carry on, then please contact your instructor.   We try to only cancel when absolutely necessary as consistency in swimming is key.