About Us

Kristin Koopman

Owner/Swim Instructor



Kristin Koopman is the owner and an instructor for Sky Blue Aquatics, a company dedicated to teaching infants, children, and adults to swim.  She began her competitive swimming career at the age of 12 and has continued to be involved in such local, annual events as the Flowers Sea Swim and Ogier Stroke and Stride. Kristin has been swimming, and a water sports enthusiast over 20 years, and has recognized the importance of arming Cayman residents with water safety and swimming skills.  
Kristin has American Swimming Coaches Association Certification.  She also holds a bachelors of arts degree in Business Management from the University of Northern Iowa.  She is certified through the American Red Cross for Adult, Child/Infant CPR, Adult, Child/Infant AED.
Kristin is excited to be able to have such a rewarding career helping the residents of Grand Cayman become strong, safe, swimmers.  

Her swimming philosophy is “I believe that to teach a child to swim, you must first earn their trust and respect.  With their trust, you can teach them to feel comfortable and safe in the water and with their respect you can teach them the fundamentals of swimming.”  

Bethany Miller

Swim Instructor



 Bethany is originally from Virginia in the USA. She began her love for teaching swimming at a young age and became certified at 16 years old. She first started teaching swim lessons at a 4-H camp in her hometown during the summers and then started her long career at various YMCAs in Virginia. 

Bethany has a degree in Sports Management from Liberty University and a total of 17 years of swim instructor experience. She has experience in teaching all ages and levels from beginner to advanced, parent tot classes, private and semi private classes. In her spare time she loves snorkeling, reading, spending time with her family and swimming with her son, Evan. 

Jo Woodcock

Swim Instructor



"I grew up in a family who spent all their spare time around water, living on the north Cornish coast in England, it was always a huge part of my life!  I have been a teacher for over 20yrs.  Teaching swimming lessons is a passion of mine from babies, parent and baby classes, children right through to older adults.  I would like to think that the passion and enjoyment of mine passes on to all the clients that I teach.  Seeing my babies/toddlers/children/adults learn to love the water and seeing how much they grow in their ability over the course of their lessons is really amazing.  I get so excited to be teaching such a wonderful skill in life, and I am so thankful to be doing something that I love everyday!"  

Laura Lessells

Swim Instructor



Growing up in Scotland Laura found passion for swimming, fitness and travelling at a young age. She has over 5 years experience in teaching swimming. From working for private swim schools and large government run courses she has done it all. Lauras career kicked off at the early age of 15 where she trained to be a fitness instructor and gained all of her experience moving around the world including teaching on the Greek Islands and large holiday resorts in Turkey. It was also here Laura won awards for her work as a swim and fitness coach.  Laura has also previously worked as a lifeguard which taught her the safety skills she now incorporates into every day teaching. Teaching kids of all ages including babies and adults. Being a teacher abroad she did a lot of sea swimming with adults training them for triathlons. 

 "Ive been so lucky to have such a rewarding job, teaching people is my passion and I love to see people grow in whatever they do. Being a part of that is why I love my job!"

Tayo Maronie

Swim Instructor



New to the island from the UK,  Tayo has been teaching in and around the city of London for the past 6 years. Her teaching experience covers all levels and abilities from people with various disabilities beginners, intermediate, advanced right up to competitive stages. Starting from babies aged just 8 weeks old she has had extensive training, supported by years of experience working with unique specialized methods to encourage your baby to feel comfortable and at ease in the water.  Whether you yourself are just learning to swim or you are wanting to get your little ones started, she builds on confidence or work on stroke improvement it's a life skill we all should have and it's never to late to learn. Tayo is super passionate about teaching and thrives on well structured, fun and safe lessons. 

Rosie Windsor

Swim Instructor



Hi! I’m new to the island, I’ve moved here from the UK. I’m very excited to be here and get settled into meeting all of the lovely families that live and vacation here and start teaching swimming to you all!

I was so lucky to be taught the essentials of balance and positioning as I learnt to swim, adding strokes and movement was a natural progression! I’ve been teaching swimming for 3 years, and in that time I have worked with a variety of companies, each one gaining different teaching techniques and ways of approaching different forms of ‘learning’.  

I have been part of a swimming school that created their own ‘learn to swim’ program. Being part of this process in forward thinking and simplicity of key elements; turning simple water skills into full stroke development has been invaluable. I have learnt this style of teaching with positive results that are quickly rewarding to children as they learn and gain confidence to swim. Teaching in an 'assess and progress' style can help your children take pleasure in being in the water to swim confidently and develop their swimming technique.

I am also really passionate about teaching parent and babies. This is something I did a lot of in the UK as Head Teacher, developing engaging lesson plans, incorporating songs and movement, building your confidence to take your new little bundle into the water and feel good about what you are doing to help them enjoy their water time!

I have always swum for fitness and I LOVE being in the water! It’s really amazing to pass this love for the water and swimming onto children, which hopefully turns into a life long practice for them too.